How to easily build a beautiful restaurant website

There is no written rule on how a restaurant website should be structured, but the easiest way is to think of what your customers would look for. If they’re on your website, they probably want to see the opening hours, the menu, if you have any specials, the drinks and, of course, a phone number and a contact form in order for them to book a table. These details should be prominent right on the homepage or clearly accessible from the navigation.

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Get the first back-links to your website

What are back-links and why are they important

One of the most important ranking factors for Google is back-links. Back-links are links from other websites to yours. Based on the number of back-links and the importance/relevance of the websites they come from, your website could rank better or worse on Google. The more back-links from websites related to your business activity, the better your website will do in Google.

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